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September 9, 10, 11

Kunsthaus Acud, Veteranenstr. 21, Berlin

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Sunday, September 11, 2022

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Anna Morley is an Australian multi-instrumentalist and composer, currently based in Berlin. Her music has been described as an eclectic fusion of electro-acoustic vibes with ambient overtones, woven together by fresh minimal grooves. On stage Anna blends a unique gamut of instrumentation including the vibraphone, vocals, keys and electronic beats and samples within her compositions.

Anna wrote and released both her debut EP Character (2009, Gazebo Music) and full album Red Balance (2011) in Barcelona. Since relocating to Berlin, Anna has recorded and released her third album entitled Water Door (2013).

In 2016 Anna released her fourth album Treasure Pleasure (Cult Classic Records), with recording and production being carried out at a combination of renegade and pro-studios between London, Barcelona and Berlin. In November 2019 Anna released her fifth album, entitled Visceral (Hymen Records).

Treasure Pleasure takes all that is great about Morley’s work – her love of sound and her ability to craft wondrously expansive walls of sound, her fondness for off-kilter rhythms that dance in your head long after they have passed, her use of ethereal vocals that bring a real and tangible sense of humanity – and polishes it, improves it, makes it better. (Thomas Mathie - Echoes and Dust, 08.08.2016)

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ARRUDA, aka Daniel Arruda, is a Berlin-based singer songwriter from Sao Paulo, Brazil whose music and on-stage charisma conjure up a vast melting pot of world music influences.

Early career successes include performing and recording with Brazil’s Relo Rolo, selling more than 20,000 vinyl copies, an impressive achievement for an independent album. Arruda set foot on stage for 15 years touring Europe, notably in Spain and Germany. During that time, Arruda has performed with the likes of Nego Kbca, Cia de Operaios and as a solo artist at numerous well known world music festivals, including Brasil No Ar (Barcelona), Rudolstadt Festival, Bremer Karneval and at many of the leading live music venues in his adopted home town of Berlin.

Produced in Berlin at the world renowned Bakermoon Studios in collaboration with British producer Ed Bentley and a whole host of well regarded musicians, his latest studio album “Semente” was released in March 2020, resulting in a masterful collection of contemporary Brazilian music, ranging from classic roots to reggae to romance to upbeat electronic moments of pure bliss. This is World Music for the ‘20s - the 2020s.

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Born in southern Brazil and currently based in Berlin, Frau Fisch is the performance-persona of multidisciplinary artist Caterina Renaux Hering. With narratives that address women's empowerment and the exercise of freedom within life’s conditions, Frau Fisch is a storyteller who makes electro-poetry for dancing. The aesthetic choices that underpin her musical style converge a few core intentions: to excite vitality, inspire the mind, support emotions and awaken the body to movement. Her debut EP 'Terremoto', was co-created with producer Zeno Mainardi and blends analogue synths, dense beats with the juice of her words in between.

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You can recognise ILLAY as a glowing mane of curls holding an electric bass, a cello with loop machine or a megaphone. The songs that she writes, on the other hand, are much darker but wrapped in a warm, rich texture of strings, guitars and a drop of electronica that make the medicine go sweetly down. ILLAY sings in Hebrew, English and French in the genre of oriental-indie-pop.

ILLAY is active in the independent music scene in Berlin and Tel aviv. She cooperates with many other artists such as Astrid North, composes for films and dance and a founding member of the elctro-acousti trio MOJOY. Her freshly released album “Sabotage” was described in TAZ :

"Eine Musik, die alle Gefühlslagen kennt, das ließe sich über womöglich jede Musik sagen. Doch dabei nicht in Kitsch zu ertrinken, fällt schon schwerer. Der israelischen Cellistin Illay gelingt das aber perfekt. In ihren komplexen Kompositionen und direkten Lyrics entfaltet sie eine Parallelwelt, in der sich lachen lässt, ohne das Weinen zu vergessen – und umgekehrt”.

“Sabotage” was Created in the heart of Tel Aviv in an apartment turned into a studio within only a month's time. It is full of ethereal and soulful lyrics set to rhythms that embrace pop music, Middle-Eastern disco, West African beats, and much more. All this leads to a creative debut that strikes an interesting balance that is both delicate and powerful."

ILLAY on YouTube

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Krista Papista is an artist and music producer; born in Nicosia, based in Berlin. Her current work focuses on reimagining the power structures of the Mediterranean; within this context she engages in developing and queering, politically induced, reinvented versions of history, exploring the way in which the development of new Mediterranean and Anatolian folklore can act as subversive counterpoints to homogeneous, nationalist narratives.

Her upcoming production, titled "Fucklore Phenomenology”, is a concept album that focuses on the dislocation and relocation of topographic narratives; switching back and forth between Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Balkan sounds and folklore, to post-punk, experimental electronica. It explores the development of an intercultural, transnational, queer network that manifests the movement, migration and scattering of people away from their homeland, and newly created spaces that transform identities and cultures.

Her work has been presented and published in Ars Electronica, Venice Bienalle, Crack Magazine, Clash and Heroines of Sound.

Krista Papista on Soundcloud
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Paula Schopf will give a workshop on field recording and sampling where participants can learn simple techniques to pimp-up their music creations without huge infra-structure or a high level of technical knowledge in sound art. This workshop is open to the audience in general, no previous experience is necessary but recommended. Length: 2 hours, Participants: 12.

Paula Schopf (*1970 Santiago de Chile) is a DJ, musician and sound artist. She lives in Berlin. In 1977 she started her DJ career under the stage name Chica Paula and became a key figure in the city’s then emerging dance music scene. Invited by Gudrun Gut, she became part of the Berlin-based artist collective Ocean Club, a community of musicians, DJs and visual artists born in the German capital, which later gave rise to a radio show of the same name. In 2017, she completed her master’s degree in Sound Studies (with Hans Peter Kuhn) at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

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Gender fluid Iranian-American artist Dornika is a Berlin based musician, visual artist, drag performer and vocal coach. Born in Tehran, she migrated with her mom to the US at age 7 only to move back a few years later to Tehran where she grew up. She moved to Berlin in 2017, establishing herself shorty after in the vibrant queer nightlife scene, creating alter-ego Many Faced Godx, and mixing drag, music and dance performance in festivals and clubs in Europe.

Dornika started playing classical piano at an early age. She later learned classical guitar and Setar only to discover her real passion in singing and composition. As a teenager she wrote pop songs and composed on her bedroom piano. After facing many hardships in Iran as a female singer, she took a break from music and studied Fine Arts in Tehran and then in Berlin. She started writing and producing music again in 2019 and shortly after started teaching others how to find power in their voices drawing compassion from hardships she faced herself.

Dornika's work is heavily influenced by her activism, confronting subjects of state violence, sexism, inequality and mental health. Her debut single, Fatbulous, is a body positive high energy pop track celebrating traditionally shamed elements of female bodies. Dornika’s music is not bound by genre. She draws from all parts of her life, picking up as she goes and exploring elements of jazz, hip-hop, pop, Iranian folk, voguing beats, techno and experimental electronic music.

Dornika on Instagram

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Die Rainhas do Norte ist aus der Faszination für die Musik aus dem Nordosten Brasiliens, insbesonderen dem Maracatu-de-Baque-Virado, heraus geboren. Von diesem Ursprung hat die Band die Charakteristik beibehalten, ihr Klangfundament auf Perkussionsinstrumente und Stimmen aufzubauen, wobei ein Bass die Harmonien unterstüzt.

Die Rainhas do Norte verstehen sich als feministische Band. Sie haben sich längst von der gängigen Textthematik des Maracatu verabschiedet. Sowohl ihre Art des Spielens als auch die Inhalte der Texte sind von der Tatsache geprägt, dass Rainhas do Norte mit 9 Frauen aus drei Ländern – Brasilien, Deutschland und Israel - besetzt ist. Ihre Arbeit ist ein Plädoyer für die weibliche Selbstbestimmung, nicht ohne Humor und etwas Selbstironie.

Das musikalische Spektrum hat die Band stets erweitert. Die Multimusikalität Berlins, das Experimentieren mit Rhythmusinstrumenten verleihen den Rainhas do Norte ihren besonderen touch. No borders music!

Rainhas Do Norte on YouTube
Rainhas Do Norte on Facebook

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Es gibt sie seit 15 Jahren, sie werden als Geheimtipp für einen Berlinbesuch gehandelt und haben eine große Fan-Gemeinde nicht nur in der Hauptstadt: WonderSka.

Ihr Repertoire: bekannte Ska-Klassiker und verskate Popsongs. Ihre eigenen Stücke gehören mittlerweile zu Gassenhauern auf Straßenfesten und Partys.

Mit Texten gegen Spekulanten und Ignoranten bringen die sieben Musikerinnen die Verhältnisse zum tanzen. Der Sound von Zupf-, Blas-, Schlag- und Tasteninstrumenten steckt an, reißt mit, jeder Muskel vibriert. Wer sie einmal live gesehen hat, wird wiederkommen!

WonderSka on Soundcloud


(Free Entrance)

Moderated by Artistic Director Jeremy Woodruff, meet festival artists and Berlin School of Sound faculty members in a panel discussion and Q&A around their experiences between pop music and sound art.

Where do pop and sound art overlap? For decades already many artists like Laurie Anderson or Aphex Twin, and bands as diverse as Devo or Stereo Lab have consciously mixed pop music with a heavy dose of sound art sensibility. Now that sound art has become mainstream, we are witnessing a big revival of artists mixing sound art concepts with pop. How do experiments with sound enter into various pop artist’s work? And how perhaps, is sound art itself breaking out of traditional models using pop music methods?

A certain kind of sonic agency is reflected in both sound art and pop wherein the practices are tightly connected to "structural pressures" in society by which it is both confronted and from which it emanates. But as artforms they also resist being reduced to simply reflecting (a critique of) economic trends, gender discrimination, racialized violence etc. How do these questions impact the audience and what is the significance of the specific regional difference between Berlin and elsewhere?

In this panel DJ and sound artist Paula Schopf, researcher Carla J. Meier, multidisciplinary artist Caterina Renaux Hering (aka Frau Fisch) and Iranian-American artist Dornika Kazerani discuss these and other questions to reflect on the Sounds Pop festival in the larger context of art, pop, community and sound.

Sounds Pop Curating Team


Brazilian Born and Berlin local, Camilla’s luggage includes a carrier in film and film festivals executive production, electronic music making and DJ performances, a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old local Café & Event location in Prenzlauer Berg, the Raum Schwalbe. Raised by a nuclear physicist and musical family she grew up listening to all Prince and Madonna albums, Peter Paul & Mary and The Rolling Stones, Caetano Veloso and the gang, Jean Luc Ponty, Egberto Gismonti, David Byrne, sang in a symphonic choir and as a young adult, in a band. She is the proud Production Director and Curator of SOUNDS POP. To know more, you’d need to ask her.


Jeremy Woodruff is Artistic Director of Berlin School of Sound and co-curator of SOUNDS POP festival. He is former Lecturer in Composition, Music Theory and Sound Studies at the Istanbul Technical University Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) and former Lecturer in Composition at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, India. His compositions and sound art are informed by his research in sound studies and ethnomusicology. He is a skilled and versatile performer with multiple wind instruments and electronics. He has collaborated with various artists not only on sound art but also in video, dance theater and radio works, including with Bani Abidi, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Meg Stuart and others. His radio show “Berlin School of Sound” can be heard every month on Colaboradio, FR-BB, 88,4 FM in Berlin and 90,7 FM in Potsdam, Germany.

His sound art has been presented by RBB Kunst im Bau, in various galleries including KW Berlin, AD Gallery Bremen, Kasa Gallery Istanbul and Art Bangaluru in Bangalore, India. His concert works have been commissioned by Ensemble Decibel (London), Hezarfen Ensemble (Istanbul), Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Deutschen Kammerorchester Berlin and others. His writings have been published by Klangzeitort (Berlin), Interference: A Journal of Audio Culture, Journal of Sonic Studies, KunstMusik, Sruti Magazine, Verlag für Moderne Kunst(Nürnberg), Bloomsbury Press, Les Presses du Réel and by Errant Bodies Press. He is a founding member of the Errant Sound collective in Berlin, where he was a co-founder and curator of the Dystopie Sound Art Festival since 2018.